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Computer and Local Network Requirements for the Secure Cloud
1 Overview


Rightworks OneSpace Firm Premier is a technology offering platform designed to provide secure, scalable computing power as a utility to accounting firms and other professional organizations.

The platform is designed to eliminate the need for on-premises servers, storage devices, and backup technologies by providing these services in an online Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution.

One advantage to using the OneSpace Firm Premier platform is that the workstation lifespan can be significantly increased, reducing the frequency of desktop and laptop computer replacement.

    • However, we do generally recommend that the operating systems be upgraded to keep with the most current stable version available.

As a general rule, new computers with sufficient amounts of RAM, processor resources, and the latest operating system will operate with fewer encumbrances to the firm.

We recommend using name-brand business-class computers, as clone computers are often prone to hardware incompatibilities, which may affect the overall experience when using our platform.


To ensure the best possible experience while using OneSpace Firm Premier, these guidelines should be followed.


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2 Operating System


The following operating systems have been verified for compatibility with OneSpace Firm Premier:


Windows® 10 or 11 (Home, Pro, and Enterprise Editions)

    • Only Pro and Enterprise can be used to join the domain.
    • It is important to keep Windows updated to the latest build version so that you will receive current security updates.

Rightworks will not support any workstations which use the registry workaround to install Windows 11 on unsupported hardware.


Apple Mac OS

We will support the latest 3 operating systems released by Apple.


If the operating system is not listed then Rightworks does not provide support.


3 Processor


OneSpace Firm Premier is compatible with Intel®, AMD™, and Apple (M1, M2) processors with speeds of 2 GHz or greater.

    • We would recommend a processor with quad (4) cores or more to keep up with the growing demands of users for their computers.


4 Memory (RAM)


8 GB of RAM is the minimum, but we would recommend 16 GB of RAM for a couple of reasons.

As stated earlier, workstations in our environment last years longer than traditional workstations and requirements continue to increase for machines as software developers add more features; having more RAM helps ensure your machine's performance does not take a hit for updating to the latest operating system or other software changes.

Additionally, some employees may need to use applications that run on their local workstation. Having the extra RAM will prepare you for any requirements of said software(s).


5 Hard Drive - (Storage)


If not already, all your new workstations should be purchased with a solid-state drive or SSD.

    • The minimum size recommended is 256 GB.

The technology of SSD stores data differently than your normal HDD, hard disk drive, in that is has no moving parts.

    • This allows for faster performance as well as reducing the likelihood of damage.

That said, we would recommend machines that have traditional HDD to be updated to SSD.


6 Laptop


Make sure all new laptops have a USB-C port as traditional docking stations are being phased out.

Additionally, we are seeing 17” laptops as the new trend. This allows room for the full ten-key pad as well as a larger screen for mobile use.


7 Internet Connectivity


A high-speed Internet connection is required while using the secure cloud. 

In order to achieve optimal performance metrics for your firm’s secure cloud connection, a high quality, high speed, low latency connection is crucial.

    • We recommend a persistent Internet connection with a bandwidth of 1 mbps for each user (or at minimum 500 kbps per user). 
      • Examples of recommended connection types include Fiber, Cable/Broadband, Metro-Ethernet, and Point to Point connections.
    • We caution against the use of DSL, Satellite, Microwave or Line of Sight, Mobile, and ISDN connection mediums for any primary method of accessing the secure cloud.
    • A secondary internet connection is recommended for redundant fail-over connectivity to ensure minimal loss of productivity due to circuit outages.
      • This secondary line should be purchased from a service provider utilizing a different medium from the primary circuit to ensure service continuity in the event that one circuit carrier has a system-wide outage.
    • We recommend that each workstation connect to the Internet via Ethernet cable for use with OneSpace Firm Premier as we find it provides a more reliable connection than WiFi.


8 Security and Wireless Networks


When connecting to secure cloud we recommend that the computer be protected from virus and key-logging software by using adequate and up-to-date client-security software.

Wireless networks should use WPA-2 or better Wi-Fi encryption, although a wired connection is the preferred method to connect.

    • Our team will only provide support for Ubiquiti or Fortinet Wireless Access Points which are managed under the Rightworks agreement.


9 Printers


We recommend you confirm you use only Citrix-compatible Printers to ensure they will work with secure cloud applications.


10 Monitors


A monitor with a minimum resolution of 1280 x 1024 or higher is required.

We recommend dual 20″ or larger monitors with a resolution of at least 1600 x 900.


11 Scanners


A TWAIN-compliant scanner is necessary if you want to scan hardcopy documents directly into most secure cloud applications.

Most scanners available today are compatible with the secure cloud, however your specific model should be verified prior to use.

The type of scanner required should be determined by your own business practices and uses.